Sun, August 30, 2015

Miami Knight 1985

Hosted by The AutoNemesis

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artist Track Release Label
LeveL -1 Battle At Tannhauser Gate VR Dystopia (Jun 7, 2015)
Emil Rottmayer​ T​.​I​.​M​.​E (Part 2) FCR Compilation Vol​.​VIII Future City Records (Aug 4, 2015)
Daniel Deluxe Wasteland
NightStop Synth City Return to Synth City (Jul 11, 2015)
Occams Laser Funk Wolf Midnight Escape (Jan 11, 2015)
GUNSHIP Black Sun On The Horizon (Makeup and Vanity Set) GUNSHIP (Jul 24, 2015)
Protector 101 Hero Protector 101 (Oct 21, 2011)
Robots With Rayguns Love Is A Battlefield (Quixotic Remix) RWR (Deluxe Edition) (Jun 27, 2014)
Nightcrawler Genesis (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) Metropolis (Feb 10, 2014)
Dakarius Highrises Escalators (Mar 16, 2015)
Lapses Neon Blood Highway Pink Oscillator 30th Floor Records (Jul 7, 2015)
Tentakill Infiltrating Encom Grid Knights Retro Promenade (Jun 9, 2015)
Ogre Dragon Breath 195 (Nov 17, 2014)
Noizz Factor Seaside Disco (Gino Maruder Mix) Seaside Disco (Jul 11, 2015)
YUNG BAE I Want Your Love Honey // I Want Your Love (Aug 14, 2014)
Earmake Nebula's Power W​.​A​.​N​.​A. 30th Floor Records (Jun 13, 2015)
Pastel Ghost PRISM Abyss (Mar 10, 2015)
Alex Zelenka Resurrection (Original Mix) Planet Synth (Jun 19, 2015)

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Features tracks by LeveL -1, Emil Rottmayer​, Daniel Deluxe, NightStop, Occams Laser, GUNSHIP, Protector 101, Robots With Rayguns, Nightcrawler, Dakarius, Lapses, Tentakill, Ogre, Noizz Factor, YUNG BAE, Earmake, Pastel Ghost, and Alex Zelenka.
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Length: 1:06:05, Published on: August 30, 2015 at 23:05:45