Tue, May 5, 2015

Miami Knight 1985

Hosted by The AutoNemesis

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artist Track Release Label
Blue Öyster Cult Veteran of the Psychic Wars Heavy Metal - Music From The Motion Picture Epic (1981)
Gunstarr Let Go Future City Records Compilation Vol​.​VI Future City Records (Sep 2, 2014)
SAYAK STRIKER Ocean Avenue Never Surrender (Feb 26, 2015)
Makeup and Vanity Set Last Embrace Wilderness Telefuture (Apr 8, 2015)
Timecop1983 Waiting For You The 80's Dream Compilation Tape - Vol. 3 NewRetroWave, LLC. (Jan 1, 2015)
Power Glove Night Force So Bad (Apr 28, 2013)
Perturbator Raining Steel I Am The Night (Dec 21, 2012)
Robots With Rayguns Alberto RWR (Deluxe Edition) (Jun 27, 2014)
Trevor Something Something About You (remix) Trevor Something Does Not Exist (Jun 9, 2014)
SWAGBOT Trying (Original) Running All Night Wave Runner Records (Apr 3, 2014)
Vincenzo Salvia Milfs The 80's Dream Compilation Tape - Vol. 3 NewRetroWave, LLC. (Jan 1, 2015)
Midnight Driver Europa Synthetic Journey Future 80's Records (Nov 8, 2014)
Betamaxx Zenith Sophisticated Technology Telefuture (Jul 25, 2013)
Dead Astronauts Little White Lie Constellations Telefuture (Oct 16, 2014)
GosT Behemoth (Perturbator remix) Behemoth Blood Music (Apr 7, 2015)

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Features tracks by Blue Öyster Cult, Gunstarr, SAYAK STRIKER, Makeup and Vanity Set, Timecop1983, Power Glove, Perturbator, Robots With Rayguns, Trevor Something, SWAGBOT, Vincenzo Salvia, Midnight Driver, Betamaxx, Dead Astronauts, and GosT.
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Length: 59:00, Published on: May 5, 2015 at 21:22:31