Tue, March 31, 2015

Miami Knight 1985

Hosted by The AutoNemesis

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intro music: Blood Sacrifice by Psychic Rites

Artist Track Release Label
Jon of the Shred Camp Terror Circuit Board Lunacy Scythe (Feb 28, 2014)
Occams Laser The Nightshift Midnight Escape (Jan 11, 2015)
Vector Hold Of Unknown Origin Mechanized Aphasia Records (Jan 07, 2014)
Lazerhawk Disco Planet Visitors (Feb 06, 2012)
Trevor Something Miami Nights Synthetic Love LP (Jan 28, 2014)
Joystixx Video Nasty Joystixx (Sep 08, 2011)
Dance With The Dead TAKE ME THERE Send The Signal (Dec 15, 2014)
A Space Love Adventure Nicole (ASLA Remix) Running All Night Wave Runner Records (Apr 03, 2014)
Dead Astronauts These Bones (Have Left You) [Perturbator Remix] Dead Astronauts EP 2.0 Telefuture (Aug 21, 2014)
Circa Tapes Simple and White Adam & Eve (Dec 01, 2014)
Mega Drive Delta Protocol Hardwired (Jun 04, 2013)
Carpenter Brut Wake Up The President EP I (Dec 23, 2012)
Psychic Rites Singularity (Witowmaker Remix) Singularity EP (Jan 06, 2015)
Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix) Nightcall Record Makers (Dec 00, 2010)
DRESS​-​2​-​KILL wearing sunglasses at night (Dress-2-Kill theme) Boo Werkstatt Recordings (Oct 26, 2014)
CONFRONTATIONAL Giving Ground (The Sisterhood) DONE WITH YOU (Feb 13, 2015)

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Features tracks by Jon of the Shred, Occams Laser, Vector Hold, Lazerhawk, Trevor Something, Joystixx, Dance With The Dead, A Space Love Adventure, Dead Astronauts, Circa Tapes, Mega Drive, Carpenter Brut, Psychic Rites, Kavinsky, DRESS​-​2​-​KILL, and CONFRONTATIONAL.
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Length: 59:31, Published on: March 31, 2015 at 01:23:43