Fri, October 31, 2014

Industrial Strength Nightmares Radio

Hosted by Edwin Somnambulist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Special Halloween video episode, which can be found at ISN Radio's YouTube page!

Artist Track Release Label
Clan Of Xymox Back Door Medusa 4AD (Nov 1986)
The Sisters Of Mercy Poison Door Walk Away / Poison Door Merciful (1984)
The March Violets Children On Stun Religious As Hell Merciful (Aug 28, 1982)
X Mal Deutschland Polarlicht Viva Phonogram (1987)
The Birthday Party Release the Bats Hits 4AD (Oct 12, 1992)
Count Floyd Treat You Like a Lady Count Floyd RCA Victor (1982)
Switchblade Symphony Clown Drool Cleopatra (1997)
Big Electric Cat Christabel Dreams of a Mad King Cleopatra (1994)
Corpus Delicti Saraband Sarabands Cleopatra (1996)
Suspiria Awfully Sinister Drama Nightbreed Recordings (1997)
Deathday Cold Room Deathday Sweating Tapes (Mar 6, 2012)
Blessure Grave Learn To Love The Rope Judged By Twelve Carried By Six Alien8 Recordings (Feb 9, 2010)
Violet Tremors Nothing Time Is The Traitor VT Records (Dec 1, 2011)
Ataraxia Ophélie La Malédiction D'Ondine Energeia (1995)

Episode Episode 266

Special Halloween video episode, which can be found on ISN Radio's YouTube page! Features tracks by Clan Of Xymox, The Sisters Of Mercy, The March Violets, X Mal Deutschland, The Birthday Party, Count Floyd, Switchblade Symphony, Big Electric Cat, Corpus Delicti, Suspiria, Deathday, Blessure Grave, Violet Tremors, and Ataraxia.

Length: , Published on: November 3, 2014 at 00:28:05