ISN Radio Host, Vinyl Larder Host

Edwin Somnambulist

A veteran of club and radio DJ'ing from across Canada since 1998, he brings his unique blend of commentary, comedy, and cynicism to his weekly podcasts.

Agent Provocateur, Electronic Sound Project Host


An energetic beauty of origins unknown, Spit:fire brings her own unique tastes in music to ISN Radio, adding a diversity of sounds that complement the show’s usual fare. Perhaps the only person on the planet capable of keeping Edwin in check, though how she often manages this Brobdingnagian task is anybody’s guess.

Music Contributor

Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson is a Canadian metalhead with a love for industrial and dark electro music. A graduate of both York University and Humber College, she is enjoying life as a freelance copywriter, editor, and occasional horse stall-mucker. As an amateur poet, she has performed her pieces locally and was published during National Poetry Month in 2013. Her first children’s book is due to come out later in 2014. When not writing, reading, or throwing horns up, she can be found riding her horses and competing at low-level dressage shows. Stephanie loves veggie sushi and getting more tattoos.

Music Contributor

Jarrad Stock

Jarrad hails from Perth, Western Australia and his love of industrial came about when traditional forms of EDM (trance and house) together with the anger and vitality of metal/rock needed to be merged to provide a satisfying musical experience. With a degree in IT Systems, he's often investigating various IT technologies and projects, and enjoying the challenge of reviewing and analyzing infrastructure to application delivery pathways. An avid reader, he can be found with his nose in tech/science/health journals, tinkering with IT systems, sweating it out at the gym, traveling the world, or fanboying Blizzard Entertainment video games, all backed by a thumping soundtrack involving some kind of industrial. He would like to one day write a thesis on the relationship between IT technical aptitude and musical styles.

Music Contributor

Stan Przhegodsky

Stan is a Ukrainian-Canadian residing back in his birthplace of Kiev, Ukraine. Having grown up in Toronto, he was exposed to a diverse variety of music scenes and styles, which sparked his interest for music history and trivia. A certified Radio Broadcaster and working part-time as an English teacher at the Phoenix Language Centre (3 years of experience, so far), Stan is currently doing his Bachelor’s in Business Management at W.I.U.U. His other hobbies include personal fitness (getting ripped), debating and developing political science, lounging in pretentious hipster coffee shops across Kiev, clothes-shopping, and composing music for his project ‘zxz’.

Music Contributor

Anthony Joseph

Hailing from Toronto, Anthony is a music lover and multi-instrumentalist of all genres but electronic music struck a chord with him at a early age, when he was involved in producing tracks and deejaying in his high school days. When he's not listening to music or writing about it you can find Anthony watching movies of the horror/thriller persuasion and reading books. Also an avid record collector you might just see him at one of the many local vinyl shops in Toronto.

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